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Q. What is "Shawshank Forever"?

A. "Shawshank Forever" is the premiere destination for the fans of the 1994 film, The Shawshank Redemption. Members can not only visit the building where the film was shot, but they can get access to exclusive content and connect with like-minded superfans around the world through the online segments of the club.


Q. Who operates "Shawshank Forever"?

A. "Shawshank Forever" is designed and produced on location by the staff of the Mansfield Reformatory Preservation Society (MRPS). MRPS is the non-profit organization that operates the Ohio State Reformatory (OSR), the former prison and historic landmark in Mansfield, Ohio, where much of the film was shot. All of the proceeds from the Shawshank Forever Fanclub go toward the ongoing restoration and rehabilitation of the building.

Q. Who can join the "Shawshank Forever"?

A. Anyone with an internet connection, a browsing device, and an interest in learning about the movie and where it was filmed can be a member.

Q. What will I receive when I join?

A. When you join, you'll receive an immediate Thank You email, and immediate access to the exclusive fanclub content on the web site. Within two (2) weeks, you'll receive a Welcome Kit through the mail, with a Welcome Letter on Shawshank Forever letterhead, a Membership Card printed with your name, your membership level, and your "parole date" -- the day your membership can be renewed. The kit also contains a coupon good for 10% savings off of one item in the Museum Store at the Ohio State Reformatory. You will also receive a limited-edition postcard, savings on items in the online Shop, and other benefits that only members like you can access at the web site. Those benefits include early notice on special events, the chance to participate in contests for fanclub-members-only prizes, access to rare interviews, stories, videos, and other exclusive programming produced only for club members.

Q. Why different membership levels?

A. The different membership levels allow fans around the world to join and share in the fun, regardless of where they live. We created memberships that will accommodate Shawshank fans from around the world. Even if you can't visit the building, you can still take part in the Fanclub.

Q. What are the membership levels?

A. The first membership level is Digital. Digital Members receive a Welcome Kit that includes a Digital Membership Card and one (1) ticket for one (1) self-guided tour of the building (a $15 value). Digital Members also have full access to all the exclusive online content available at the fan club website for one (1) year. This is a great way to participate in the club, even though you may not live within driving distance.


The second membership level is Individual. Individual Members receive a Welcome Kit that includes an Individual Membership Card that gives the member named on the card unlimited self-guided tours of the building, and full access to all the exclusive content available at the fanclub website for one (1) year.  This is a perfect way for the fan who wants to take part in the club, and can plan on visiting the building at different times throughout the year.


The third membership level is Couple. Couple Members receive a Welcome Kit that includes a Couple Membership Card that gives the two (2) members named on the card unlimited self-guided tours of the building, and full access to all the exclusive content available at the fanclub website for one (1) year. This is a terrific way for couples to engage in the fanclub, and can plan on making multiple trips to the site during the year. 

The fourth level is Family. Family Members receive a Welcome Kit that includes a Family Membership Card that gives the four (4) members named on the card unlimited self-guided tours of the building, and full access to all the exclusive content available at the fanclub website for one (1) year. This is the ideal way for a family of four to be able to visit the building multiple times during the year, and share in the exclusive content on the fanclub website.

Note: in order to protect our members, for Couple and Family Memberships, only the Primary Member can create a Member Profile on the Fanclub site. The Primary Member is the name listed first on the Membership Card. The Primary Member is the one who completes the Membership Form, creates a Member Name and Password, and purchases the Membership, using a valid credit card.  Other Members named on the card cannot make a separate Member Profile, name, and password for the Fan Club site. However, others named on the card can use the Primary Member name and password to access the site, at the discretion of the Primary Member.

Q. What does introductory pricing mean?

A. Until March 30, fans can save $10 off the price of all memberships. 

Q. What should I bring when visiting?
A. Primary Members must bring their Membership Card and proof of ID. The front desk will scan your Membership Card to ensure the card is valid. For Couple and Family Memberships, the others named on the card will also be required to show proof of ID.


Q. How long will my membership last?

A. Your membership in the fan club will last for one (1) year to the day that you joined. You can renew your membership at that time. Right now, members can purchase no more than one yearly membership.

Q. When is the building open?
A. OSR (AKA Shawshank State Prison) is open during all four seasons: Spring and Summer, Fall and Winter.


SPRING-SUMMER: Starting April 1st and continuing through September 30th, the building is open 7 days a week. The doors open at 11AM and close at 4PM.

FALL-WINTER: Starting on October 1st and continuing through March 31st, the building is open Thursday through Sunday. The doors open at 11AM and close at 4PM.

The building is officially closed on all major holidays. Sometimes, the building may also be closed due to film and video productions. It's best to check the OSR website or the OSR Facebook page before your visit, to find out about last-minute announcements regarding such closures. 

Tours of the building are slightly abbreviated during September and October, due to Halloween events on site.


During the months of September through June, it is recommended to wear warm-weather clothing: hats, hoods, scarves, gloves, and puffer jackets. The cell blocks are not heated, and usually remain chilly through the end of the month of May. 

For more information about the building, see the OSR website at mrps.org.

For the complete address and phone number for OSR, see the end of this page.

Q. How can members interact?

A. Members can create a profile page, a member blog, and can communicate with other members through the message boards in the online community called "The Yard." All content shared in the Yard is subject to administrative review. Members can lose their rights to that area if the rules of the site are not followed. Violations of Official Rules, Terms, and Conditions will result in membership termination and no refunds will be given.


Q. Can members be terminated?
A. At the discretion of the club administrators, members can have their memberships terminated at any time. In general, we expect our members to be civil with each other, to express their opinions, disagreements and different points of view with kindness and respect. Members are expected to not discriminate against other members over gender, race, religion, nationality or creed. Members who are unable to follow the rules expressed in the Official Rules, Terms, and Conditions will have their memberships terminated and no refunds will be given. Zero tolerance. The other rules, you'll figure out as you go along.

Q. What is the Shawshank Trail?

A. The Shawshank Trail is a terrific opportunity for Shawshank fans to visit all the nearby locations that appeared in the movie. The Ohio State Reformatory is just one of 16 different sites that were used as locations in the making of the film, and can be visited along the Shawshank Trail. Just hop in your car: most of the sites are within a short drive from Shawshank State Prison. For more information about the Shawshank Trail, visit www.shawshanktrail.com. ​

Q. What is the Shawshank Woodshop?

A. The Shawshank Woodshop is a museum built on the filming site of the woodshop scenes in the movie. It features the prison bus and ambulance that were used in the movie. Another key stop along the Shawshank Trail, you can visit the museum at 

228 S 8th St, Upper Sandusky, OH 43351. The phone number is (419) 835-5163.

Q. If I have any further questions?

A. You can email The Shawshank Specialist at OSR, Thomas B. Clark Jr.: tom@mrps.org.

On behalf of all of us at OSR, we hope you enjoy your visits to "Shawshank Forever."

Updated February 14, 2020.